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        Yuhuan Fojo Electronic Co., Ltd.is adjacent to the national secondary level port, Damaiyu Port, a natural harbor which has 100,000 DWT container terminal. It is closed to Wenzhou, Ningbo, and convenient on water, land and air transportation. The company is established in 1994 of 3200Ofloor space and 5000Obuilding areas. It has about 150 fixed employees and 30 Technical personnel of intermediate and senior professional title. The products cover Bakelite, rubber and metal products, etc.

        Since its founding, the company has always adhered to the science and technology, innovation, pragmatism, and integrity as the enterprise objective, Todays quality, market tomorrow as the management idea. We attach importance to contract, keep promise and conscientiously and meticulously guarantee the quality of the products. We orientate the pursuit of customer for the eternal goal of enterprise. Through continuous development and hard work, the company has been a production base of strong capability, and the annual production capacity reaches in ten million of cooker parts. With the constant development of the enterprise, the company has a set of finishing equipment in order to meet different customers requirements, not only to improve work efficiency and the quality of the products also got further assurance. We also has established a set of effective quality management system, and the enterprise has passed the ISO9001-2008 certification.

        The company mainly produces cooker accessories, to mating the products of the well-known domestic cooker manufacturers: Supor, Ningbo Hillary, Ningbo Well, Guangdong Shunda and etc. For many years, as our fine product quality and good corporate reputation, the market share of our products is expanding constantly, and also get admiration from the enterprise which choose our products. In 2005 year beginning, the company was rated as tier one supplier in Supor annual supplier conference. The company production annual value nearly close to 50 million RMB from 2009 to 2011.

        In 2007, since the cooperation established between Supor and SEB Franceas the tier one suppliers of Supor, Fojo spend huge sums of money on bought several injection machines. With the further cooperation with Supor, we cost millions of money in acquiring production equipment as Computer injection machine, Hydraulic Press, and Vulcanizing, etc. To expand the scale production ability. At the same time, we build a minitype laboratory, fitting out Dynamic load test equipment, Drying Oven, Dish-washing machine, and Salt spray testing machine. We achieve to control the quality and ensure the quality of the every batch. So we have enough confidence to face greater challenge!

        In the second half of 2009, we applied for export right, and from October start export, the products are sold to the United States, Brazil, Colombia and other countries, and are deeply obtained trust and favorable comment for the customer.

        Yesterdays hard-working, todays performance, tomorrows glory, We Fojo people will never forget those who once give us support and help. We warmly welcome new and old customer, people from all walks of life to visit and guidance, to strengthen cooperation, to create our glory.

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